Data Tree – a new sculpture as part of Estuary 21 Festival

What or who would you nominate to be included in this artwork?

Artist Jonathan Wright is going to create a new sculpture for Lesnes Abbey Woods that has been co-commissioned by London Borough of Bexley and Metal for Estuary 2021 taking place from 13 May – 22 June 2021. 

The sculpture Data Tree will be placed on top of the Oak stump, situated in a clearing where numerous pathways converge in the woods (see photo below) and will rotate like a weather vane to connect people with the river, history, people and ideas.  It will feature objects and/or people who have played a key part in the history of Lesnes Abbey Woods, or who are important to shaping the future. e.g. Abel Kerr and the Great Rebellion of 1381, a fossil or the volunteers of Lesnes.

Jonathan would like to invite you to suggest ideas and has created a model to get the conversation going.  Please could you email your ideas to  You never know your suggestion might be included in the sculpture for future generations to enjoy.