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This is your space to share your images taken at Lesnes Abbey Woods. To get yours included, please click here and sign up to become a Lesnes Abbey Volunteer Maker Community Photographer.

Many thanks to Ozlem Yikici who has kindly shared her paintings inspired by Lesnes Abbey Woods.

Paintings 1-3 (Lesnes Abbey Colour Study 1, 2 & 3) are colour studies of Lesnes Abbey, all oil paint on A5 oil painting paper, 2021.

Painting 4: Plein Air watercolour painting on A4 paper of Lesnes Abbey, 2021.

Painting 5: The Storyteller, oil paint on canvas, 20 x 16 inch, 2021. Plein Air painting with abstract expressionist elements.


Huge thank you Jules Goddard who captured these lovely images of the lighting of the Lesnes Abbey Queen's Jubilee Beacon

Huge thank you to the extremely talented Art & Design students from LSEC Bexley who created artworks inspired by Lesnes Abbey Woods to celebrate the opening of the Elizabeth Line.

Our grateful thanks to Penny Arnold for capturing Light the Way Illuminated Festival so beautifully, which stretched from Lesnes Abbey Woods to Southmere Lake.

Our grateful thanks to Shamreen Gharu for providing us with these lovely images.

Our grateful thanks to Tracy Gregg for providing us with these stunning photos of our Fox Glove Tree and other images

Our grateful thanks to John Tolliday for providing us with these stunning photos of signs of Spring

Our grateful thanks to Karin Tearle for providing us these lovely shots of the woods

Our grateful thanks to Chris Hawkins for providing us with these amazing images of the Egyptian Geese and images of the woods

Our grateful thanks to Charlie Schmidt for providing us with these stunning photos of flora and fauna living at Lesnes Abbey Woods.

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