Lore of the Wild - a Woodland Storytelling App

Experience our woods through stories and music

Map of Lesnes Lore Guided Walk

Lore of the Wild is an audio storywalk for Lesnes Abbey Woods co-created by Bernadette Russell and Sophie Austin commissioned through a partnership between Metal and London Borough of Bexley for Estuary 2021.

Lore of the Wild will invite you to hear tall tales and true stories.
Hear songs and sounds from the human and non-human inhabitants of Lesnes, as you walk through this ancient woodland listening to the tracks on your smart phone.

As you journey the route you will hear from the woodland inhabitants and be invited to connect with, observe and interact with the environment. Look out for the faces in the trees, make a decision at the crossroads, experience the oak tree dance, share wisdom with the Green Man and feel a part of the ancient past and the infinite future.

The walk lasts approximately two hours and is suitable for 10+
Please be warned, there are steep inclines, muddy steps, and some tricky terrain.
This walking route is not accessible for wheelchair users

Download the tracks on to your phone via soundcloud or spotify (links below)

Pick up the map from the Chestnut Kiosk or download the map here.

The walk begins at the old well.

Let’s go!

Lady wearing a fox tail walking through the woods
People sitting on decorative logs situated in the heathland
Cloth garland round a tree and path
Crocuses under a tree

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