Map-making and orienteering

Lesnes Abbey is a great place for your classes to develop their geography fieldwork skills by taking part in our map making and orienteering sessions.

Boys map-reading in the woods

Age: Key Stage 1 (5-7) and Key Stage 2 (7-11)

Curriculum Links: geography skills and fieldwork

Description: The first half will involve learning the basic features of maps, how to use a compass and then creating their own 3D map of Lesnes Abbey; using natural materials they have gathered in the woods.

The second half of the day will be spent working in teams to complete our orienteering challenge. The children will be given maps with the locations of posts hidden about the site that they must locate. This will test their map reading skills and abilities to read and understand co-ordinates.

We can also offer geocaching instead of orienteering. Geocaching involves the use of tablets to locate caches hidden about Lesnes and is best suited to older groups of children.

Costs: £7 per child

Boy with clipboard
Children enjoying a map-making session

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