The Romans

Lesnes Abbey ponds were recently discovered to have been Roman docks and we welcome classes to our site to learn more about Roman society and the Roman army.

Roman coins

Age: Key Stage 1 (5-7) and Key Stage 2 (7-11)

Curriculum Links: The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain

Description: The first half of the day will get the kids dressed up as different Roman citizens and they will discover the senate, Julius Caesar and the differences in voting and jobs between patricians, plebeians and slaves. Afterwards they will play a fun game designed to get them thinking about Roman food. The second half of the day will develop their understanding of chronology by completing Roman history timelines about events such as the invasion of Britain and the building of Hadrian’s wall. The importance of the Roman army will be investigated along with life as a soldier by dressing up, marching and making Roman formations.

Costs:  Full Day £7.70 per pupil (minimum charge £215)

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