Luna Gong Bath

Make time to relax and meditate

set of gongs

Want to relax, let go and float in effortless meditation?

Then join us, every other Friday @ 7:30pm for a New and Full Moon Gong Bath.

It's a therapeutic, melodic, experience, where you lay back on your mat and let the harmonic sound waves wash over you. The vibrations of the sound waves relaxes and releases all tension, rests weary muscles and allows the mind to drop into a more silent space, creating room for greater awareness, clarity, calmness and boosts creativity.

Working with the New and Full Moons allows you to manifest your hearts desires.  Embrace the law of attraction with New Moon intentions and Full Moon forgiveness. Tune into the sensations of your body and become mindful of what is arising in the here and now.

All you need to bring is a mat, blanket, pillow, drinking water and wear comfy clothes.

1 hour session - £10pp

To book:- Please either or call Dawn on  07961 795642


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lady sat cross legged in front of a pair of gongs

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