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Friendly yoga classes for everybody – and every body.

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Welcome to my invigorating Power Yoga classes, where movement meets mindfulness in a dynamic fusion of strength, flexibility, and breath. These intelligently crafted sequences seamlessly flow from one posture to another, all harmonised with the rhythm of your breath. Prepare to experience a transformative journey that not only builds physical strength but also elevates your heart rate, leaving you energised and revitalised.

In these Power Yoga classes, you will discover the perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment – expect to break a sweat and perhaps share a few smiles along the way. These sessions are more than just a workout; they are an exploration of your body's capabilities and a celebration of your progress. With opportunities to delve into inversions and engage in strength-building drills, you will unlock new dimensions of your practice and deepen your connection with both body and mind.

Whether you are a regular practitioner or a newbie, these Power Yoga classes offer a space to challenge yourself, embrace the joy of movement, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Join me for an empowering and invigorating experience – it is not just a workout, it is a celebration of your strength and resilience. Come and have a go (at your pace)!

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