Lesnes Abbey has 88 hectares of woodland which means it is perfectly placed for bushcraft activities.

children in a den

We can offer the activities of den building and fire lighting to your group to help them develop and learn basic bushcraft skills along with improving teamwork, resilience, and confidence.  Our leaders will be able to teach basic bushcraft skills such as knots, fire safety, and fire lighting.  

Den Building 

Taken deep into the woods your group will need to ’survive’ by building their own dens using the natural materials available along with tarpaulins, ropes, tent pegs and mallets. Dens are tested for waterproofness using buckets of water.  

Fire Lighting 

Using fire strikers and gathering kindling the group will practice lighting mini fires. They will learn the respect position, striker technique, fire safety and appropriate kindling materials. Afterwards they can assist with lighting the main fire, and everyone toasts marshmallows over it.  

Length of Workshop: 1 1/2 hours for den building or fire lighting activities. 3+ hours for both activities.  

Maximum group size: 30 for den building 15 for fire lighting 

Availability: All year round 

Relevant Badges: 

  •  Beavers My Adventure Challenge Award
  •  Beavers Camp Craft Activity Badge
  •  Cubs Our Adventure Challenge Award
  •  Brownies Camp Stage 2 Badge

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