Map Skills

Lesnes Abbey has ponds, grassland, parkland, gardens, heathland, wildflower areas and ancient woodland, which make it great for exploring and testing your navigation skills.

two women and a girl doing map reading

We are able to offer the activities of natural material map making and orienteering to your group. Our leaders will be able to assist with basic map reading skills, compass use and working out co-ordinates. 

Natural Material Map Making 

The group will be taken on a short tour of some of the highlights of the site and asked to in teams collect natural materials along the way. Discussions will be had about key map features before being asked to create their own. They will need to create a map of the site using the materials in as creative a way as possible.

The group will be split into teams and tasked with finding all the marker posts hidden about the site, some of which will be hidden at various Lesnes ‘landmarks’. They will be given a map, a compass and occasionally
co-ordinates to help them do this.   

Length of Workshop: 1 ½ hours for natural material map making or orienteering activities. 3+ hours for both activities.  

Maximum group size: 30 

Availability: All year round 

Relevant Badges: 

  • Beavers Stage 1 Navigator Staged Activity Badge
  • Scouts Stage 1 Navigator Staged Activity Badge
  • Beavers Explore Activity Badge
  • Cubs Stage 1 Navigator Staged Activity Badge
  • Brownies Explore Stage 2
  • Guides Navigator Interest Badge

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