Tree Identification

Lesnes Abbey has a large area of ancient woodland which is perfect for learning about and identifying different tree species such as Oak, Holly, Sweet Chestnut etc...

bluebells and trees

We can offer a tree scavenger hunt and leaf snap to your group to help them improve their identification skills. These will give your group the opportunity to explore the site, discover the variety of tree species we have here and develop their knowledge.  Our leaders will be able to assist with identification and general tree knowledge.   

Tree Scavenger Hunt 

The group will divide into teams and be provided with a tree scavenger hunt and identification guides. Each team must try to find all the trees on the list by identifying them from their leaves, buds, and bark. Teams get bonus points for completing other tree challenges along the way such as making a leaf garland, finding the ’Green Man’ and taking bark rubbings. 

Leaf Snap 

Still in teams, the group will be provided with all the materials they need to make their own game of leaf snap. The aim of the game being matching pairs of leaves and trying to memorise the tree they came from. This game is a great way to reinforce learning in a fun way.  

Length of Workshop: 1 ½ hours to 2 hours for both activities.  

Maximum group size: 30 

Availability: March to October 

Relevant Badges: 

  • Scouts Forester Badge
  • Beavers My World Challenge Award
  • Cubs Naturalist Activity Badge


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