Pond Dipping & Minibeast Safaris

Investigate Lesnes Abbey’s ponds and/or go on a mini beast safari exploring our, grassland, parkland, heathland, wildflower areas and ancient woodland. .

girl playing with pond water

We are able to offer the activities of pond dipping and minibeast safaris to your group.  These will give your group the opportunity to view the different animals up close which is perfect for making field notes, taking photographs, and drawing sketches.  Our leaders will be able to expand upon the group’s knowledge by telling them about their lifecycles, behaviours and adaptations.

Pond Dipping 

For pond dipping they will search for the many creatures that live beneath the water using nets, magnifying pots, and ID guides. Maybe your group will discover tadpoles, smooth newts, and dragonfly nymphs along with other water dwellers.
Minibeast Safaris 

Using sweep nets, sheets, magnifying pots, ID guides and portable microscopes the group will be able to search amongst the wildflowers, grassland, and trees for minibeasts Perhaps your group will see minibeasts such as false oil beetles, ladybird larvae and nursery web spiders.  

Length of Workshop: 1 ½  hours for pond dipping or minibeast safaris.  3+ hours for both activities.  

Maximum group size: 30 

Availability:   March to September 

Relevant Badges: 

  •  Scouts Naturalist Activity Badge
  • Beavers My World Challenge Award
  • Cubs Naturalist Activity Badge

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